Let’s set up barricades of solidarity against the nation and the state

“The issue of migration is an issue with national implications. Therefore, it is important to exchange views and positions despite ideological and political differences.”

Minister of Migration, N. Mitarakis, after his meeting with a delegation of SYRIZA, 06.02.2020

“They are right to close the borders, we did it, too—but without a parade.”

Al. Tsipras, 02.03.2020

“We expressed our concern with Turkish aggressiveness and provocation, which is combined with new asymmetrical threats, provocations with the refugee–migrant currents to Evros and the islands of the Aegean.”

Koutsoumpas, 06.03.2020


The wars of the bosses and states have always been directed against the exploited and the oppressed of this world, beyond the borders built on bloodshed. Wars that serve either the political or economic goals of the bosses — such as energy, the development of the weapons industry, and control over geostrategic areas — have been going on for years in various places across the planet (Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.) with the active participation of the Greek state. These wars, as well as the human desire for a better life, push millions of people to abandon their homes. The latest events at Evros and the Aegean have resulted in hundreds of migrants trying to cross the borders and having to deal with the full apparatus of the state and parastate. These institutions sink boats laden with passengers (drowning a 6-year-old child), shoot with live ammunition resulting in two murders so far, choke people with chemicals, set up racist blockades in the ports and streets, and plan and execute pogroms in Chios and Lesvos. These actions are accompanied by jingoistic appeals for “national unity” against the “invasion”, both institutional and popular in nature.


The state, with the friendly cooperation of the media, refers to the movement of migrants in the language of war, describing it as an “asymmetrical threat“, and in so doing seeks to foster greater unity and participation of patriots and nationalists of this society in the crimes of the Greek state. This is not the first time that the Greek state has talked and acted in military terms against migrants. The decision to suspend the acceptance of asylum applications and to serve immediate sentences of 4 years’ imprisonment and a €10,000 fine those who have crossed the borders is wholly based on this fascistic rhetoric.


Announcements about the creation of more detention centres are nothing but a clear message about the continuation of the war on migrants. When the Greek state talks about a solution, we can be sure that what this implies for migrants is more violence and isolation, more deportations, greater restrictions on movement and more cruel exploitation, impoverishment, and death. The financial aid of €700mn it received from the EU reflects this criminal bargain that’s happening over control of the migrant population. A bargain that’s not just about the profit of capital that is involved in operations related to migration, but one that is being spread to the level of local society.


In this unequal war, those sitting at the negotiating table have always been clustered on the same side. The anti-migration policy of the Greek state, in which it has decades of experience, is being implemented as a national affair beyond “ideological and political differences“. For years it has been using a range of tools which are modified and developed with an ideological emphasis on the superiority of the Greek element that is under threat. Even its humanitarian side follows this rule. The left-wing government of SYRIZA has opened the way and affirmed in the best possible way the practical meaning of national unity.


For this reason, the riots, protests, and refusals of migrants, from Moria to Petrou Ralli, are a part of the struggle against constant humiliation and violence they receive. These are struggles against the degradation and isolation they’re being put through in each aspect of everyday life. The imprisonment of thousands of people in detention centres, just because they have a different place of origin, doesn’t need to happen in these horrible conditions to be seen as what it is: pure fascism.


The escalation of the military handling of migration comes together with attacks against squats, starvation wages, expensive rents, the cops’ intensive patrols and ID checks in squares, parks, and universities. The bosses’ proclamation about a return to “normality” requires the consolidation of state power and business interests. 


Our cities are changing, and in the interest of the bosses. “Modern prisons” are no longer a slogan, but they’re being built, refined and normalised every day around us. They’re becoming an asphyxiating reality where there’s only space for the intensification of exploitation and consumption. It’s this reality that we need to attack collectively.





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