This New Year , we break the status of invisibility and show our solidarity outside the hellhole of Petrou Ralli


Detention centres, Petrou Ralli, just like every prison, are one of the means used by the state to throw aside those it can’t or won’t assimilate and use, to punish those who disturb, to set an example for those who are still dreaming of living with dignity and freedom.

Migrants there are imprisoned in inhumane conditions with no contact with the outside world. Their full isolation from society gives their jailers the freedom to physically and psychologically abuse them non-stop. They are denied access to food, healthcare, information, human contact and basic dignity. Their very life and existence becomes disposable in the devaluation they are living in.

Imprisoned and free people are separated by a wall, and the side we’re on is just a matter of luck or bad luck, as well as the result of the state’s current plans. Hundreds of prisoners inside Petrou Ralli are hit by the same system of oppression as us who are going to be outside the hellhole on Tuesday night to change the year with them.

We call to a gathering outside Petrou Ralli detention centre on the night of New Year’s Eve, Tuesday 31/12.

Pregathering at St. Annis square at 23:30.

Access by buses 838, Β18, Γ18 and trolley 21 from Omonia.

We also support the calls for a gathering outside Korydallos prison.

– Solidarity to migrants

– No person invisible, no person in the hands of the state

– Until the tearing down of every detention centre and prison